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Specialty Mesh Laundry Bags With Top Zipper

Easy Care Mesh Laundry Bags For Washing Machine Applications. Each bag has a zipper strip to contain its contents for machine washing or traveling ease! Top quality, very durable, excellent value. Supply limited,
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Washer(Hosiery)Bag (14"x17" Divided) Zipper
Washer(Hosiery)Bag (14"x17" Divided) Zipper

1 per pack. (Center divider enables firm holding and reduces movement,great for separating various items, excellent for holding smaller items, such as baby socks,stockings reducing tendency to tangle in washing machines)

$2.50 Special!
 Washables Bag (Non -Divided)  (23"x23") Zipper
Washables Bag (Non -Divided) (23"x23") Zipper

1 per pack... The Large Washables Bag (Style #EZLB03)

(Ideal for Sweaters, Bathrobes, Nightgowns)

Dimensions: 23" x23"

$2.75 Special!