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Strap-Mate Original CrissCross Design

This product's configuration is especially useful for individuals who have mobility problems, though the Strap-Mate strap connects to the back bra straps, it is brought to the front and connected with a push-together clasp which remains in the front. Is also a good transition for women in their first quarter of maternity before there is a need for larger and specialized bras. Sold By Size and Color: Standard Sizes: Small 30-32,Medium 34-36, Large 38-40, Extra Large 42-44 Colors: White,Nude(Beige),and Black. Inventory is limited: This line uses the Classic Strap-Mate End attachment: The strapping material is Tricot, and does have adjustable guidss on each side. And is machine washable. This was the first Strap-Mate Configuration patented.
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